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Chiropractic Care

Applied Kinesiology: With Applied Kinesiology, we use a specific technique called a "respiratory adjustment." When you breath in and out, the expansion of your lungs causes a micro-oscillation in every bone in your body.  This micro motion, coupled with the highly accurate line of correction we get from manual muscle testing and the body's natural tendency to want to return to the state of greatest stability, allows us to slide the vertebrae gently back into place.  No pain, no cracking sound, only results!

Activator Methods:  Activator Methods Technique is an instrument-assisted technique that utilizes a concept called "Leg Length Inequality" to assess the spine and extremities. The difference in leg length comes from imbalance or misalignment in the pelvis, leading to a "Pelvic Deficient" or PD leg. This imbalance translates into the spine and can lead to misalignments throughout the body. Once a PD leg is established, a series of checks are performed by either the doctor or the patient to determine the location of subluxations or misalignments throughout the body. The Activator instrument is then used to correct subluxations with a low force adjustment.

Meridian Therapy

The body runs on electricity supplied by the heart and the brain.  At certain points throughout the body, there are electrical "choke points."  These points can be located with manual muscle testing and treated with a low intensity therapy laser. This leads to decreased pain signaling and increased organ function.  It's like acupuncture without the needles!

Extremity Adjusting

Just as important as the spine, proper function and alignment of the extremities is a major factor in overall health. Both Activator Methods and manual muscle testing can be used to deliver a precise and pain free correction to any joint in the body.  Persistent low back pain just won't go away?  Let us fix you from the ground up!


Cranial Adjusting

The bones of the skull can occasionally shift position, causing tiny imbalances in the flow of CSF, or Cerebrospinal Fluid.  This imbalance can cause a stagnation of the CSF, which normally flows around the brain and along the spinal cord.  Since CSF coats the entire spinal cord, and the nervous system controls the whole body, these stagnations can present a wide variety of symptoms ranging from post concussion syndrome, headaches and leg or arm weakness. Using a very low force adjustment, we can return the cranial bones to their normal alignment and restore the nervous system to proper function!

Equine and Canine Bodywork

Our horse and dog companions can have sore bodies just like we do, they just have a harder time telling us when and where it hurts. Regular bodywork for your horse or dog can help them move better, work harder, and live healthier and happier, whatever their job is in the family.

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