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What is Activator Methods?

     Dr. Emma utilizes the Activator Methods Technique, which is a low-force, instrument-assisted technique that can be used effectively on a wide range of ages and types of people. The patient lays face down for the entire adjustment, during which we use a combination of stress/pressure tests (performed by the doctor) and isolation tests (performed by the patient) in order to determine where misalignments are located in the spine or extremities. Then the Activator instrument is used to perform the adjustment. The force delivered by the instrument is much faster and more accurate than any manual adjustment could be. Many people prefer this technique because they feel they can relax a lot more for the adjustment, therefore the adjustments are more effective. We take the "crack" out of chiropractic!

         Dr. Emma is also trained in Webster's Technique, which is a specific analysis and adjustment performed for our pregnant patients. It is used primarily during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Webster's Technique involves a manual drop adjustment to the sacrum (tailbone), and soft tissue work on various muscles and ligaments of the hips and pelvis. Webster's is very effective in relieving pregnancy symptoms, and allows the nerve supply to the organs and muscles of the pelvis to function fully; this allows for optimal development and movement for the growing baby. Webster's has also been found to lead to an easier and quicker birth process for both mom and baby.

For more information on the Activator Technique, visit their website at:

For more information on Webster's Technique and chiropractic for children and pregnancy, visit the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association website at:

What is Applied Kinesiology and how can it help me?

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Available Treatments
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     Here at McClintock Chiropractic, Dr. Ben uses a technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK), which functions on the principle that all of your bodies' systems (Muscular, Skeletal, Vascular and Nervous) work together in order to make you, you!  This principle allows us to use manual muscle testing to gain information and insight into your body's function and alignment.

     Skeletal muscle tone is controlled by the nervous system, which can recognize and react to sensory input along different nerve pathways. This means we can determine the exact joint alignment by putting mechanical force into the joint in various vectors. The vector that increases joint malposition will create a temporary decrease in muscle tone that can be felt as a muscle "weakening" under manual muscle testing. 

     By detecting this muscular weakening, we can determine the exact vector of correction needed.  This high level of accuracy also allows us to adjust with the absolute minimum amount of force neccessary, ensuring a safe and gentle joint correction for all patients regardless of age or pain threshold.

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